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Why Travel to Cuba? To check out its beautiful beaches & Jazz in Havana Etc.

Torontoartsandevents went to Cuba to check out its beautiful beaches, low crime rate, old U.S. cars and Jazz in Havana as well as fresh food and its unique culture in a non-westernized country.   For ease we booked at an all inclusive resort but took many trips into Havana and experienced the local Cuban culture such as Jazz and art in Havana.  The eastern beaches, where we stayed, were not as great as more remote beaches but allowed easy access to Havana.

Our tour guide advised us that there are two currencies in Cuba (one is the National Peso (CUP), and the other is Convertible Peso (CUC).  CUC are pegged to the U.S. Dollar & the CUP is about 25 to 1 CUC) and that we could get the CUP which can be used in local stores.

The best value of going to Cuba was the $10 CUC (approximately $10 U.S. Dollars) Habana hop on, hop off double decker open bus tour of the Havana area where you could drop on and off and see events such as the Plaza de Revolution, Hotel Copacabana & Miramar Trade Centre.  You can start at any of the stops or at the beginning from Parque Central..  This bus tour circulates around to popular attractions in the Havana area such as the Malecon, right the way down to Mirimar, back through Revolution Square, around the University and down Prado 56.  It is about 2 hour total but you can hop on and off on the trip.


50’s Ford in Havana Malecon



Jazz in Havana


Pink Cars In Havana in Havana


Cuba suffered a hurricane as well as a re-instated U.S. embargo.   As explained to me by a tour guide, the Cuba government had a national effort to recover but still were still some issues to deal such as occasional outages with during our trip.

Torontoartsandevents recommends a trip to Cuba to check out its beautiful beaches, low crime rate, jazz and its unique culture.

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