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Spring Into Spice Festival on May 11, 2024, at Fort York

Spring Into Spice Festival brought Caribbean vibes to the historic Fort York site with tasty spicy food paired with delightful wines and drinks while revellers danced to upbeat DJ tunes. All the fun started with the welcome cocktail plus a spicy Caesar Smirnoff drink. Options included top South African wines along with unique Ontario wines to accompany many spicy food options such as jerk chicken, Guyanese chicken, Artisan latin meats, to satiate the revellers appetite for libations and food. The VIP section included a separate bar beside the sunshine-influenced designed posh space, while nearby BAND gallery artists did live art.

© 2024 Photos & Article by A.J. Lam; © Layout TorontoArtsandEvents. Reference: Press Releases. Many thanks to Siren Communications for the invite.


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