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Colombia – Torontoartsandevents Travels to Medellin, Colombia

Medellin, Colombia the city of eternal spring!  Torontoartsandevents had the pleasure of going to Medellin and experienced a slice of life of the city, visiting the parque arvi using the metro and the cable cars, taking part in tasting the great coffee and the varied cuisine of the city as well as one of the museums.

Centro Commercial Santa Fe Shopping Mall

Carrera 43a 7 170 | Avenida El Poblado, Medellin 050021, Colombia

This is a grandee Spanish modern mall with a large number of cafes, restaurants, a huge food court, banks and a supermarket. It is located in an upscale and safe area of Medellin, el Poblado.

Metro de Medellin

Medellin’s metro is very clean, safe although it does get crowded around rush hours.  It is ideal for getting around.

Medellin Metrocable:

Torontoartsandevents used the first cable car, part of the Medellin metro system, and the second cable car to visit the Parque Arvi.  The price the first cable car ride (Line K: Acevedo to Santo Domingo) is included in your metro fare.   The second cable car (Line L: Santo Domingo to Parque Arví is a separate fee of about $2.50 CDN.  The cable cars gave a spectacular view of the city.

Parque Arvi:

  1. Santa Elena | On

Parque Arvi, through sustainable nature tourism, organizes tours for local, national and international visitor.    It is beautiful and very scenic.  There is no fee to enter but they charge a fee for tours.  The free part consists mainly of the restaurant and shop areas.

Museo de Antioquia:

History Museums, Museums – Calle 52 #52-43, Medellin, Colombia

Torontoartsandevents spent the morning visiting the museum.  It is a must see attraction if you like art – there are really interesting and diverse works of art, from Fernando Botero who donated a great selection of local and international works of art. Just outside is the Plaza Botero.

Plaza Botero:

In the Centro area of Medellin, the Plaza Botero is filled with Botero sculptures for photo opportunities and is free. This area is crowded during the day and you need to protect your personal belongings while admiring the sculptures.

Parque Lleras

Carrera 37a 9 9a | Zona Roas, Poblado District, Medellin 050021, Colombia

Parque Lleras is the party place in Medellin and offers easy access to many bars, restaurants, shops, boutiques, hostels in the upscale El Poblado.



Medellin, Colomnbia © 2018 TorontoArtsandEvents
Press Coverage of the Race at Medellin, Colombia  © 2018 TorontoArtsandEvents
Inside the Museo de Antioquia © 2018 TorontoArtsandEvents
Medellin, Colombia © 2018 TorontoArtsandEvents
Tunnel Construction in Medellin, Colombia
Medellin, Colombia © 2018 TorontoArtsandEvents
Medellin Colombia © 2018 TorontoArtsandEvents
Mountain Scene © 2018 TorontoArtsandEvents
Village Replication © 2018 TorontoArtsandEvents
Mountain View © 2018 TorontoArtsandEvents
De-icing Airplane © 2018 TorontoArtsandEvents
Construction in Medellin, Colombia © 2018 TorontoArtsandEvents
Lifting Weights in Medellin, Colombia © 2018 TorontoArtsandEvents
Parque Arvi – Medellin, Colombia © 2018 TorontoArtsandEvents
Artist entertaining in Medellin, Colombia © 2018 TorontoArtsandEvents
Medellin, Colombia © 2018 TorontoArtsandEvents
Tennis in the Mountains in Medellin, Colombia © 2018 TorontoArtsandEvents


Medellin, Colombia

Torontoartsandevents recommends visiting rapidly growing Medellin, Colombia to find out what it’s all about.  Be sure to brush up on your Spanish.

© 2018 Photographs, Article and layout by TorontoArtsandEvents.  Editors please contact us for use.

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