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Toronto International Film Festival 2018

The annual Toronto International Film Festival was held September 6 to 16, 2018 in Toronto, Ontario. According to TIFF, it is the “leading public film festival in the world, screening more than 300 films from 60+ countries every September. Our programmers have earned a reputation for excellence, and a diverse array of films is shown: Hollywood galas, complete with red carpet glamour; the best in international cinema, the latest homegrown comedies… and everything in between.”  The TIFF Industry Conference is a seven-day professional development conference for delegates and focuses on the financing and producing, marketing, distribution, screenwriting and storytelling of films.  Many deals are done at TIFF.

The film festival is organized into the following programs:

Gala Presentations: Movie stars. Red carpet premieres. Major audience interest.

Masters:  The latest from the world’s most influential art house filmmakers.

Special Presentations:  High-profile premieres and the world’s leading filmmakers.

Mavericks:  Engaging on-stage conversations with leaders in the film industry and beyond.

Discovery:  Directors to watch. The future of world cinema.

TIFF Docs:  Candid and unscripted: the best non-fiction cinema from around the world.

Contemporary World Cinema:  Compelling stories, global perspectives.

Contemporary World Speakers:  Watch, experience, and participate in post-screening discussions with film directors and subject experts

Wavelengths:  Daring, visionary and autonomous voices. Films that expand our notions of cinema.

TIFF Kids:  Family films from around the world: entertaining and illuminating.

City to City:  Bringing international cities to Toronto audiences. A snapshot of where’s hot right now.

Short Cuts Canada:  The best short films from emerging and established Canadian filmmakers.

TIFF Cinematheque:  Curated gems from the history of Canadian and international cinema.

Future Projections: Taking the moving image from the cinema to the gallery — and beyond.

Vanguard:  Provocative, sexy… possibly dangerous. This is what’s next.

Midnight Madness:  The wild side: midnight screenings of the best in action, horror, shock and fantasy cinema.

Nextwave:  For the next generation of movie lovers: selections approved by our youth-driven TIFF Next Wave Committee.

Manifesto:  Culture. Ideas. Action. Screenings supported by Manifesto Community Projects

Special Event: Onstage and onscreen: exclusive engagements and celebrated guests.

Media Covers Hollywood Films at the Expense of Indie Films?

The Toronto International Film Festival has drawn in over 4000 attendees from around the world that want to be a part of this ten-day event.  High profile stars such as Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, Julia Roberts, Robert Redford, Nicole Kidman, Natalie Portman, Salma Hayek, Jude Law, Colin Farrell, Viola Davis, Julianne Moore and Hilary Swank are just a few of the hundreds of actors at TIFF that tend to generate early Oscar buzz and seem to take all of media’s attention at the expense of good indie actors and films.  As a result of extensive media coverage, for most fans, the arrival of A-List celebrities is the highlight of the Toronto International Film Festival. Stars such as those listed above have made their red carpet appearances at this year’s festival and drew large crowds to the streets just to catch a glimpse or snap a picture of their favourite Hollywood actor.

TIFF Parties and Receptions:

What would the Toronto International Film Festival be without its non-stop calendar of parties, networking, and other industry events! From experimental pop-ups to extravagant cast parties that last until the early morning hours, the streets of downtown Toronto was a flurry of receptions and celebrations. Here is a review of a few of the events that TorontoArtsandEvents attended during this year’s film festival:

The CFC Annual BBQ Fundraiser:

Canadian Film Centre CEO Slawko Klymkiw made a stunning announcement that the CFC had signed a five year funding deal with Netflix, now the Centre’s chief patron.  Interestingly, Netflix does not pay taxes nor contribute to the Canadian programming funds.  Many in the crowd such as producers with deals funded by Netflix were pleased while others were concerned with the ramifications of the deal with the internet giant.   Some feel that Netflix will be the end of film festivals as we know it.

Nearly 2,000 people attended the Annual Canadian Film Centre’s BBQ on Sunday, September 9th, 2018. It was a cloudy day for this elegant garden party. Many of the guests brought their families, children, and pets to the grounds of the Canadian Film Centre. Notable guests in attendance included TIFF 2018 Rising Stars CBC Actors Devery Jacobs; Slaight Family Music Lab alumni Liam Russell, Matthew O’Halloran and Adaline; Slaight Family Music Lab alumnus Ben Fox; and CBC Actors Conservatory alumna Emily Piggford among other actors and film makers.

There was an abundance of different food and beverage vendors at the party.  Food sponsors were:  DMC – Official Caterer of the VIP Pre-Reception, Pizzaville, Holy Chuck, EDO, Gelato Fresco, Dolce Moda, Holy Cannoli, Lollicakes, 10tation, Schinoussa Super Foods and Real Jerk and The Mighty Cob. Another highlight of the party was the virtual reality headset demonstration held inside the greenhouse, which allowed eager guests to play campfire games or battle horror-movie villains. Canadian musical guests the Slaight Foundation alumni Theo Tams and Rebecca Everett performed during the party.

Celebrate Ontario:

OMDC announced a name and branding change to Ontario Creates at their annual Celebrate Ontario at TIFF 2018.

Ontario Creates, mandated to growth and investment in Ontario’s publishing, film and television, music and digital industries, celebrated 9 Ontario Creates Fund-supported features by Ontario Filmmakers at #TIFF18: Giant Little Ones, Anthropocene: The Human Epoch, , Mouthpiece, Carmine Street Guitars, Clara, Falls Around Her, The Grizzlies, Sharkwater Extinction, and Through Black Spruce! #ONcreates. This year’s event was held at the luxurious Carlu in Toronto and attracted Ontario Actors, Directors and producers as well as government officials such as the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport.

2018 WIFT-T Reception@TIFF:

Women in Film and Television – Toronto held their reception at TIFF 2018 at the CBC Barbara Frum Atrium on September 11, 2018.  It was a vibrant and exciting catered event celebrating women’s success in media.  It was an invite only event for the members of WIFT-T and their guests.  “This popular networking event and fundraiser held annually during TIFF brings together our community of members, partners, visiting filmmakers and special guests for a special catered event honouring the contributions of Canadian women in the entertainment industry. “  Funds raised through the Silent Auction and WIFT Stars campaign support the work of the Foundation for WIFT-T.

That’s a Wrap

Another season of TIFF has come to a successful end. The warm Toronto fall weather allowed enjoyment of this ten-day-long celebration of film and filmmakers from around the world.  Check back here for next year’s festival.

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