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Book Review: The Military-Entertainment Complex by Lenoir, Timothy and Caldwell, Luke

Have you ever wondered why do so many films have large guns going off and present the military in a favourable light?  The book, The Military-Entertainment Complex answers that question for you!  The idea is to present the war on terror as an exciting and entertaining for the customer but to leave out all of the negative parts such as death.  From the filmmaker’s perspective, access to costly military equipment, wartime footage, consultants enhances the projects and makes them exciting and interesting while the military seeks to control its public image through script approval and changes.  Examples of the Military-Entertainment Complex in action include TV series such as 24 and the West Wing; films such as Act of Valor, Iron Man ( 2008), Spider Man 3, Transformers, and the Dark Knight; and games such as America’s Army.  The result is an exciting entertainment product abeit one that supports the military

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