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30th Hot Docs Film Festival 2023

30th Hot Docs Film Festival 2023 was held April 27 to May 7, 2023 in Toronto, Ontario.  This festival celebrated 30 years of showing important documentary films to audiences at their Cinema, festivals, special events, screening series and more. The festival consisted of the industry section and the film section.

Industry Section:

The industry section is perfect for documentary professionals to expand their knowledge, network to expand their network and gain valuable professional development opportunities.  There is the Hot Docs Conference & Market, pitching at Hot Docs Forum. Hot Docs has $13M portfolio of production funds to provide documentary makers with much-needed development, production and completion grants.

The Films:

Another Body (Sophie Compton, Reuben Hamlyn, 2023)

Another body follows a college student’s search for answers and justice after she discovers deepfake pornographic films with her face circulating online.  She suspects it is a class mate whom she had a falling out with.  Deep fakes are a huge problem online and this is a fascinating documentary regarding this very problem real.  Check this film out!

30th Hot Docs Film Festival 2023 Sophie Compton, Director Another Body
Sophie Compton, Director Another Body. Photo Credit: Another Body
30th Hot Docs Film Festival 2023 - Reuben Hamlyn, Director Another Body
Reuben Hamlyn, Director Another Body. Photo Credit: Another Body

Black Barbie: A Documentary (Directed By: Lagueria Davis   2023   USA English   100 minutes)

First time director Lagueria Davis traces the rise and the fall of the original Black Barbie doll. She references the “doll test” where young black children preferred white dolls over black dolls and she interviews her aunt and others involved in the field.  She also examines other black dolls in the marketplace and what marketing Mattel is using to bring their Black Doll back into the market.  Black Barbie is an interesting and informative documentary on the subject.  Torontoartsandevents recommends viewing this film.

About Memory and Loss (2022 Directed By: Amélie Hardy, Short,    Canada, Stories from Quebec  French, English Subtitles)

About Memory and Loss is an interesting & humorous short documentary about natural memory and digital memory. Good film which considers the frequency & scale with which we document our lives online and its relationship to memory.

 Hot Docs Film Festival 2024

30th Hot Docs Film Festival 2023 was an important and successful documentary film festival.  There were a huge number of impressive films presented both in person and online.  Check back here for next year’s Hot Docs Film Festival 2024.

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