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UWI Toronto Benefit Awards 2024

UWI Toronto Benefit Awards 2024 dazzled the Ritz Carlton on Saturday, April 20, 2024.  The 15th Annual University of the West Indies (UWI) Toronto Benefit Awards brings together corporate, public and individual supporters for an inspiring evening of giving, sharing and celebrating.  The event supports a scholarship fund for outstanding academic achievers in the Caribbean, who lack the funds necessary to realize their fullest potential. It has awarded 700 scholarships.  It also recognizes greatness and tireless work through its honourees who continue to shine a light of hope for the next generation. Past honourees include award winning author Mr. Malcolm Gladwell and the Hon. Harry Belafonte.

Patrons 2024:

This year’s Gala Patrons include Dr. Donette Chin-Loy Chang, Mr. Andrew Chang and Ms. Brigette Chang as well as  Mr. Kevin Hibbert and his wife Ann-Marie Hibbert as Patrons and passionate supporters of the UWI Awards and its Student Scholarship Fund.

This year’s theme is “Lighting the Way Together” which shows how donations of many people working together will provide a light line to enable students reach their dreams.

VIPs & Meals & Entertainment

The UWI Ball included a red carpet, a VIP Reception and the Dinner.  The high light of the evening was great performances by Juno Award-winning singer Divine Brown; soul singer Aion Clarke; Toronto’s finest rhythm sections Fiyah Brigade; tenor and soprano saxophone player Miles Raine and his band The Collective; along with The SwizzleStick Theatre troupe of stilt performers.

UWI Toronto Benefit Awards 2024:

UWI Ball 2024 was a fine evening raising money for scholarship fund for outstanding academic achievers in the Caribbean.  Check back here for next year’s UWI Ball 2025.

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