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Spring For Peace Gala Toronto 2024

Spring For Peace Gala Toronto 2024 brightened the halls at the luxurious Globe & Mail Centre on May 9, 2024 to raise much needed funds “to increase the capacity of youth, communities and the education, justice, and child welfare systems, to communicate and manage conflict through restorative Peacebuilding dialogues.”  This fine Gala consisted of an online auction which raised considerable funds, an open bar, wine tasting of expensive wines and great food – all for a very worthy cause.  Great entertainment was provided by DJ Tilt, Cody Cuisia and Shahaddah Jack (spoken word).  The high impact address was delivered by entrepreneur Emmanuel Dover. The Honourable Marci Ien, MP for Toronto Centre who gave a stirring key-note address.

entrepreneur Emmanuel Dover at Spring For Peace Gala
Entrepreneur Emmanuel Dover


Shahaddah Jack (spoken word)
Shahaddah Jack (spoken word)
Cody Cuisia
Cody Cuisia

Twenty One Years of Helping Youth:

Peacebuilders celebrated twenty one years of helping youth through restorative justice in Toronto’s most venerable neighborhoods.  The Restorative Youth Circles has saved the administration of justice more than $45 million by diverting over 1,300 young people out of the criminal justice system.  They were sent back to productive activities like work, school, sports and music.  This was accomplished through trained and mostly volunteer circle volunteers.

Restorative Schools Program:

The Restorative Schools Program reduces student suspension rates by 60% to 80%.   Youth stay in school and avoid the prison pipeline thereby reducing schools’ expenses dealing with student suspensions, school transfers and related students’ disciplinary measures.

The Road Ahead:

Peacebuilders now has permanent offices in the new Toronto Courthouse which allows expansion of the Restorative Youth Circles program to youth 18 to 25 years of age.  Scientific evidence establishes that restorative justice is best able to deal with youth at this age.  This expansion will require increased funding and an increase in trained volunteers.  For more information or to donated click:  Spring For Peace.

Spring For Peace Gala Toronto 2025

Spring For Peace Gala Toronto 2024 was an inspiring Gala with great food, great drinks and a beautiful crowd all for a worthy cause.  Check back here for next year’s Spring For Peace Gala Toronto 2024.

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