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Charity Gala & Events

A Charity Gala & Events is a fund raising event that is hosted by an nonprofit to raise funds so that it can carry out its mission or principle causes.

It is designed to raise awareness and funds for the charity or nonprofit.  The fundraising event can be a Gala, silent or in person auction, marathon, art auction etc.

Galas are‍ events that are usually produced by non-profit organizations to raise funds‌ for a specific cause. Galas usually include a formal dinner, live entertainment, and a silent and live auction to raise money. Attends are a select​ group of high-profile individuals, donors, and supporters of the event producers.

Humber Celebrates its Gold Anniversary through Music

@HumberCollege celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a stunning concert at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto.   The evening commenced with an elegant cocktail dinner.  It was followed by the concert featuring some of Canada’s best musicians with performances from Humber’s faculty big band directed by Denny Christianson featuring Pat LaBarbera and Al Kay with…

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