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Canadian Fintech Conference 3.0

Framework Venture Partners & BDC Capital held the Canadian Fintech 3.0 on April 15 to 17, 2019 at the MaRS Centre in Toronto.  It included the Tech Talks, Pitch Battle, and Insider Stories.

Tech Talks:

Guga Stocco – CEO, GR1D:

Mr. Stocco riveted the crowd by demonstrating how advanced China is in banking and payment methods and fintech and how they are expanding into Central America with great success.  He showed a video of this advancement in payments as Chinese were paying with their phones – the video also showed beggars accepting micro payments as well as cash.  On how fintech and other technologies will evolve in Canada is unknown as the current companies invest in these technologies; however, Mr. Stocco believes that the Chinese are much advanced over us.

Pitch Battle:

Fintech companies competed for the $100,000 first prize and for funding from investors in the audience.  The Pitch Battle was conducted over two days with 30 companies short-listed down to nine companies in the second day and the winner of $100,000 was Daisy Intelligence for winning the 2019 pitch battle!   Daisy Intelligence analyzes, using artificial intelligence, a company’s transactional data to make better promotional and pricing decisions.

Canadian Fintech 2020

Canadian Fintech 2019 was an interesting and informative conference for players in the Fintech space – check back here for next year’s conference.

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