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Sponsor – Toronto Funding Advisors Added As Advertising Sponsor

Toronto Funding Advisor is an advertising sponsor for TorontoArtsandEvents.

Fund Raising Services for Start-ups Provided by Toronto Funding Advisors:

Toronto Funding  advises entrepreneurs, small and mid-size companies on how to raise funds to meet their goals, build their team as well as retain counsel to protect their Intellectual Property.

We consultant with respect to funding raising methods:   applications to obtain funding; obtaining R & D tax credits; assistance with crowd-funding, and with applications for fundraising with VC’s (Venture Capital). T.O. Funding also advises with respect to team building as well as with respect to retaining outside Counsel to obtain appropriate protection from law suits and exploitation of relevant intellectual property.

Toronto Funding Advisors consults on how to raise money for your needs whether it is to purchase a home, invest in property or fund your company.  We make simple referrals for loans for home purchases.

For Real Estate Investors:

For real estate investors, we make simple referrals on obtaining short term private loans to complete projects.


For entrepreneurs we advise on the different types of funding sources available and which might be best for you.  There are different types of funding sources for small or medium sized organizations:  Bootstrapping, angel investors, grants (government and private), loans, VC, and crowd funding as well as loans on real estate.

Please contact Toronto Funding Advisors for more information.

Toronto Funding Advisors

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