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Informa Tech presented SecTor 2023:

Informa Tech presented SecTor 2023 in Toronto from from October 23 to October 26, 2023.  The first two days were devoted to technical training while the last two days the conference and briefings were held.  There were many networking events such as luncheons, coffee breaks and private receptions held by sponsors.

Informa Tech presented SecTor 2023 Conference Presentations:

The Keynote speakers included   Dr. Michael Geist & Laura Payne:

Dr. Michael Geist, law professor at the University of Ottawa, presented, “The New Canadian Internet: How New Rules Are Transforming the Online World and What You Can Do About It” while        Laura Payne, Chief Enablement Officer and VP Security Consulting at cybersecurity firm White Tuque, will present her talk, “2024 Predictions in Future-Hindsight View – Get Ready!”.

Toronto Arts & Events found the following other presentations interesting:

Vulnerabilities that Invite Attack:

Informa Tech presented SecTor 2023: Vulnerabilities that invite Attackers
Vulnerabilities that invite Attackers

Informa Tech presented SecTor 2023 Business Hall:

Vendors presented the latest in technologies and products as well as sessions to I/T professionals and managers.  There was also area for Bricks & Picks for learning the vulnerabilities in locks; start-up areas as well as the education area.


About SecTor:

“Informa Tech, part of Informa PLC. Informa PLC is the largest B2B event organizer in the world and a leading B2B information services group.’ [press release ]

“SecTor, as one of the events in Black Hat’s global events portfolio, offers year-round access to high quality research and security content. Whether you are seeking continuing education from the deeply technical, high intensity Trainings, collaborative discussions with fellow executives at Executive Summits, or some of the most groundbreaking vulnerability disclosures and defense mechanisms through the Briefings, SecTor and Black Hat bring the best and brightest to the table. Black Hat also offers regular webinars featuring top security talent and the newest research.” [Press Release]

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Sector 2024:

Sector 2023 was a successful and interesting event for I/T Professionals to network and learn from each other and stay abreast of the technologies in their fields.  Check back here for next years event, Sector 2024.

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