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HRPA Conference & Trade Show 2019

HRPA, the Human Resources Professionals Association, held its 2019 Annual Conference & Trade Show from January 30 to February 1, 2019 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.   It attracted HR and business professionals from across Canada and around the globe. It featured exciting keynote speakers, more than 160 HR professional development sessions, networking events and more than 250 exhibitors showcasing HR products and services.

Theme 2019:

This year’s theme explored Work Climate i.e.  the shared mood, perceptions, and attitudes about an organization.

Torontoartsandevents found the following interesting:

Keynote Unlocking Creativity: How to Solve Any Problem and Make the Best Decisions Michael Roberto              

Michael Roberto’s presented, in a dramatic and entertaining way, how organizational mindset can present powerful obstacles to creative problem solving people and how organization can change the mindset.

Keynote:   How to Move Like a Maverick: Combination of Inspiration, Information & Entertainment

Jade Simmons, while playing classical music and classic music mixed with hip hop, wowed the crowd with ideas on how to lead and to start achieving beyond what you thought possible.  Besides being very entertaining, most human resources professionals present thought her ideas could be applied at work.

Keynote:  Your Ego is Not Your Amigo Cy Wakeman        

Cy Wakeman stunning performance examined how the ego driven behaviours are the #1 source of drama in workplaces today and how employees can be taught to overcome egos and become great leaders.  Some consider her to be a guru in this field.

Keynote:  The Necessary Evolution of Diversity & Inclusion: The Three “Rs” Critical to Building a Truly Inclusive Workplace Steve Pemberton           

Steve Pemberton, while sharing his personal journey, stressed the importance of implementing the three R’s in an organization (Recognition, relationships and respect) to truly build an inclusive workplace.

Keynote:  Good is the New Cool   Afdhel Aziz     

Afdhel Aziz sold his idea that Good is the New Cool that by corporations doing some good (as opposed to just appearing to do good) can very profitable for some companies.

About​Human Resources Professionals Association:

​​​​​The Human Resources Professionals Association is the regulatory association for Canadian human resources professionals by governing the professional practice of its more than ​​​​​24,000​member registrants.​​  It advances the professionalism of its members by:  creating compelling value propositions for all in HR to become members, ensuring competent and ethical HR practice, providing strong and respected designations based on a globally recognized body of knowledge, and​validation of that capability through rigorous examination and supervision of experience.​  For more info go to:

HRPA Conference & Trade Show 2020

HRPA Conference & Trade Show 2020 was a great event to encourage innovation – so mark your calendar for next year’s and check back here for details!

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