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Elevate Toronto 2022

Elevate Toronto 2022 was held September 20 – 22, 2022 for a three-day technology and arts festival.   Headliners included the appearance of retired tennis player, Venus Williams; Creator of the Mars House and Founder of the Techism Movement, Krista Kim; Founder and CEO of Waabi, Raquel Urtasun; Astronaut and Elevate Co-Chair, Chris Hadfield; Elevate Co-Founder and CEO, Lisa Zarzeczny. New highlights included a multi-night outdoor free to the public Block Party, featuring local musicians, and a physical Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Art Gallery.

Elevate Toronto 2022 VenusWilliams
Elevate Toronto 2022 Venus Williams
Elevate Toronto 2022 AndreDeGrasse
Andre De Grasse
Elevate Toronto 2022 ChantallKreviazuk
Elevate Toronto 2022 Chantall Kreviazuk

Toronto’s Tech Ecosystem

One of this three day technology conference purposes is to showcase “Toronto’s thriving tech ecosystem while promoting Toronto internationally as a world class destination for innovation, startups, talent and investment.” The conference had presentations in emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, Blockchain, the future of work, the metaverse.

Anthony Lacavera Globalive Founder & Chairman argued that more competition is needed – why don’t we have a Canadian auto company and that by allowing large foreign teck companies into Canada we are repeating what we are allowing in the auto sector and that they will suck all the needed engineers.

Elevate Toronto 2022Anthony-Lacavera
Elevate Toronto 2022 Anthony Lacavera

“While festivals have been on hold, innovation hasn’t stopped,” says Lisa Zarzeczny, Co-Founder and CEO of Elevate. “Artists, founders, business leaders, and creatives have continued to disrupt spaces and systems to solve society’s greatest challenges. At this year’s Elevate Festival, we’ll finally honour the progress we’ve achieved while celebrating where the industry is headed. The city is buzzing, and it’s time for the world’s most innovative minds to reunite – we are setting the stage to bring them back together at this year’s event.”

It offered programming; networking opportunities, pitch competitions for startups, a tech Open House for job seekers, and a well run NFT Art Gallery with over fifty pieces of NFT art on display at the Design Exchange..

Elevate Toronto 2022 Vendor
Elevate Toronto 2022 Vendor

“We are proud to be hosting Elevate Festival here in Toronto once again,” said Mayor John Tory. “The city has become a hub for Canadian innovation and it’s incredible to see how the country’s tech community has grown exponentially over the years. Elevate this year will help us highlight this thriving sector and the talent behind it. I look forward to seeing the new ideas, technologies and discussions that will come out of this year’s event.”

Startup Winners

Toronto-based Creator Jacket and Calgary startup Litus were the pitch competitions at Elevate Toronto 2022.

University of Calgary engineer instructor Ghada Nafie’s Litus won The Firehood’s $100,000 women entrepreneur investment which is subject to due diligence.

Ghada Nafie’s Litus
Ghada Nafie’s Litus

Creator Jacket won the $15,000 Scale Up pitch competition presented by Toronto FinTech company Moneris.

About Elevate Toronto

Elevate is a Canadian non-profit that builds and unites world-class innovators through tech training courses, entrepreneurship programs, and industry-leading events at the intersection of technology, arts, and social innovation. Through strategic partnerships, an affiliation with the UN, and a roster of powerhouse speakers, Elevate inspires and invites its community to co-create a more equitable and sustainable future.

Elevate has hosted global icons such as former First Lady and author Michelle Obama, businesswoman Martha Stewart, former CEO of Google Eric Schmidt and Vice President Al Gore on the Elevate Main Stage, each of whom has inspired millions of people worldwide. Learn more at [Press Release]

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