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Collision 2023

Collision 2023, Canada’s largest technology show, was held in Toronto from June 26 to 29, 2023.  It was a four-day celebration of Canadian and international innovation.  Attendees included an impressive array of important CEOs and founders.  According to organizers, Collision had 36,378 attendees from 118 countries in Toronto; a record-breaking 30 percent of start-ups this year are women-founded; 41 percent of attendees are women; 36 percent of speakers are women; 1,727 start-ups and partners from 76 countries and almost 30 industries are exhibiting.

Technology Issues:

The major technology issue was artificial intelligence which was discussed across all industries:  the impact of AI on society and how to make money from AI. This Conference addressed other major issues such as the metaverse, the regulation of big technology companies, blockchain technology, hacker & privacy breaches, environmental responsibility, mental health and fake news.

AI Gold Rush
AI Gold Rush
Unicorn Era Coming to end
Unicorn Era Coming to end ?

Collision 2023 a Conference for both Large Corporations and Start-ups:

Collision had speakers and exhibitors from the world’s largest companies who are partnering and investing in start-ups.  Large technology companies are needed to grow Canada’s technology space and sessions addressed the advantages of the large companies as well how start-ups can scale up to become larger.

Collision 2023 - Irina Novoselsky, CEO, Hootsuite
Irina Novoselsky, CEO, Hootsuite
Rob Francis, CTO
Rob Francis, CTO
Immigration Minister Sean Fraser - Work permits will be prioritized for Investors i.e. VC or Angels
Immigration Minister Sean Fraser: Work permits will be prioritized for Investors i.e. VC or Angels

Start-ups raising funds during turbulent times:

Various master classes for start-ups addressed how to obtain financing: i.e. Finding the right investor for your start-up. Of great interest was the difficulty of raising funds for start-ups and other companies during turbulent times with rising interest rates, possibility of a pending recession, problems in the supply chain and the war in Ukraine.

Collision 2023 - DealPotential

Fund Raising: Venture Capital, Angel Investors etc.

Major theme of the conference is start-ups and how they can expand their business and raise funds.  Start-ups were looking for funding and VCs were looking for that next diamond in the rough.  With interesting rates rising causing valuations to come down to earth, investors are more cautious but still looking for great start-ups.  Of great importance is the pitch winner …

Collision 2023 Pitch Winner:

Syzl , a Toronto-based b2b hospitality marketplace , wins Collision’s 2023 PITCH competition!  Syzl is a b2b hospitality marketplace.  The  more than 1,000 users (chefs), can search the 70 kitchens in the platform, allowing chefs to find suitable kitchens that suit their preferences and needs.  Syzl defeated 56 other start-ups that entered the pitch competition.  There were two runners up: see photo. The pitch judges included: Faisal Kazi, President & CEO of Siemens Canada; Rupa Athreya, of Techstars; Veetahl Eilat-Raichel, co-founder & CEO of Sorbet and David Dufresne, investor and advisor at Pref.

Collision 2023 Syzl wins Pitch
Syzl wins Pitch “I’m living my dream job,” beamed founder Azrah Manji-Savin.
Pitch Audience Vote
Pitch Audience Vote

Last year’s winner was Dot Mind Unlocked.

Collision 2024:

Collision 2023 was a large and informative international conference.  It provided start-ups with the opportunities to network and meets a large number of potential partners and investors.  One of the best Technology conferences to see in Toronto! Check back here for Collision 2024 being held from June 17 to 20, 2024 in Toronto.

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