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Canadian Innovation Exchange 2024

Elevate held the 17th annual Canadian Innovation Exchange 2024 (CIX 2024) at the Design Exchange  in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on March 26 & 27, 2024.   CIX is an internationally recognized two day technology conference where investors, innovative companies, entrepreneurs and facilitators meet to discuss the financing, the development and the implementation of new technologies.     Attendees included technology start-ups, corporate, entrepreneurs, investors, advisors and enterprise and media representatives.     They learned from each other, met and pursued partnerships and investment deals.

The agenda included: CIX Top 20 Showcases – presentations by  innovation start-ups as selected by CIX’s Top 20 Selection Committee; Lunch and Learn / Workshops – new strategies to help companies grow;  Canadian Success Stories – with founders and their investors; Meeting Exchanges –  pre-arranged face-to- face meetings between entrepreneurs and investors;  Networking- opportunities for delegates to connect with other delegates at breakfast, coffee, lunch, cocktail reception, or in the lounge.

Opening Day Highlights

According to Elevate, more than 500 delegates attended for the opening day of network and impactful programming on opening day to hear advisory board co-chairs Laura Lenz and Alison Nankivell give practical advice for founders.

 Innovator of the Year Winner:  Aidan Gomez of Cohere

Cohere is the Innovator of the Year.  Cohere’s innovation in AI, notably their pioneering of Large Language Models for enterprise applications as well as their leadership in ethical AI development made them the choice for this prestigious award.

Aidan Gomez of Cohere
Aidan Gomez of Cohere

Keynote Speaker:

Neha Khera interviewed Vinod Khosla about the present and future of technology.  Vinod is the founder of Khosla Ventures and the co-founder of Sun Microsystems.  Khosla Ventures invests in start-ups: over 1,000 start-ups to date, including Canadian tech companies Deep Genomics and Blockstream.  Khosla has also presented at Elevate’s flagship technology and innovation festival.

Neha Khera and Vinod Khosla
Neha Khera and Vinod Khosla

Growth Showcases

Executives from three innovative growth stage presented for 5 minutes each, followed by questions and comments from Expert Commentators (leading investors and company heads).

Growth Companies Pitching
Growth Companies Pitching

Canadian Innovation Exchange Top 20

The jewel of the event is the CIX Top 20, a showcase that celebrates Canada’s best innovations and the people behind them.

CIX 2024  Startup World Cup Canadian Cup Presentation:

The CIX 2024 Start-up Canadian Regional World Cup Winner  is Skinopathy.  KEITH LOO, CEO accepted the award for Skinopathy . Its simple objective is to “Create artificial intelligence that can be used by physicians, nurses, and patients to pre-screen for skin cancers.”  [ ]

KEITH LOO, CEO, Skinopath
KEITH LOO, CEO, Skinopath – Pitching

About Elevate

“Elevate is a Canadian non-profit that unites world-class innovators to catalyze transformation in the Canadian tech ecosystem. Through year-round programs and events, including the annual Elevate Festival and CIX Summit, Elevate places a spotlight on Canadian innovation, facilitates global connections with start-ups and investors, and inspires Canadians to embrace a go-for-gold mentality to help shape the future of the Canadian innovation economy.”

About Canadian Innovation Exchange:

The Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX) is a showcase for great Canadian innovation while catalyzing strategic relationships and transactions across this dynamic sector. CIX is attended by the people behind the innovative technologies: entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, service providers, government and media. Its objective is to bring together the key leaders and protagonists of technology-based innovation in order to learn from each other and to showcase and celebrate the tremendous innovative products, services and technologies that exist today and are providing the fuel for our economy to grow.

Canadian Innovation Exchange 2025

Canadian Innovation Exchange 2024 was an interesting event that did bring together important players in technology from across Canada.  Investors, innovative companies, entrepreneurs and facilitators meet to discuss deals and companies were looking for financing.  Look back here for next year’s CIX 2025!

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