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Blockchain Futurist Conference 2022 Roars into Toronto

Untraceable Events held its fourth annual Blockchain Futurist Conference from August 8 to 10, 2022 at Rebel Entertainment Complex, Toronto, Ontario.   According to organizers, “Untraceable has partnered with over 75 sponsors for this year’s Futurist Conference, and the event is projected to attract over 6,000 attendees, making it the largest crypto event in Canadian history.”   It covers the future of disruptive technologies such as  artificial intelligence,  Web 3.0 as well as blockchain.

This conference also included the ETH Toronto Hackathon which is a three-day competition for hackers to build the next innovation in blockchain technology. Hackers meet other developers, connect with hiring companies, attend speaker sessions and compete to present their innovations at this conference.

Hackathon Futurist 2022
Hackathon Futurist 2022


Experiences @ Blockchain Futurist Conference

The conference included the following experiences:

UNNY, the Real Life Engagement Token was launch at Futurist 2022 – It  “looks to disrupt the event landscape by tokenizing gamification, driving attendees to participate in specific actions and enhancing the overall event experience. “

Flexa powered all onsite payments for marketplace, food trucks, helicopter rides and all the UNNY Pop-up Stations.

Earth Wallet educated guests with the means use UNNY.

NFT Art was on full display at the Conference. Torontoartsandevents had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Steph Flooren, Founder, Artist, Photographer who displayed her NFT, Marvellous Darling at the conference. Steph is a mixed media collage artist and photographer capturing moments in nature and self portraits.

Steph Flooren NFT artist
Steph Flooren NFT artist


Networking Events @ Blockchain Futurist Conference

Web3 Equality Lunch with Unstoppable WoW3 and The Female Quotient  – Rebel Complex Toronto – Mezzanine Cabana Upstairs Wednesday, August 10

Nadine Dookie Khemlall, Sales Enabler , Unstoppable Domains gracefully hosted the Web3 Equality Lunch with the Women of Web3 and The Female Quotient at Futurist Conference in Toronto.  This was a beautiful gathering for women in Web3 attended an intimate lunch to celebrate women across Web3.

Nadine Dookie Khemlall @Web3 Equality Lunch
Nadine Dookie Khemlall @Web3 Equality Lunch
@uli.creates photograph |@Web3 Equality Lunch
@uli.creates @Web3 Equality Lunch
Web3 Equality Lunch
Web3 Equality Lunch
Web3 Equality Lunch
Web3 Equality Lunch
Web3 Equality Lunch
Web3 Equality Lunch
Web3 Equality Lunch
Web3 Equality Lunch
Web3 Equality Lunch
Web3 Equality Lunch


Hackathon Finale Presentations @ Blockchain Futurist Conference

The Hacker final presentations were held on Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Hackathon finalist
Hackathon Finalist #1
Hackathon Finalist 2

Sessions: @ Blockchain Futurist Conference

Torontoartsandevents found the following sessions interesting:


  1. ARE WE STILL TALKING ABOUT REGULATION? (Yes, and we are going to keep talking about it) Wednesday, August 10 – Charlene Cieslik

Charlene Cieslik, Chief Compliance Officer & Head of Customer Success, Localcoin  spoke about the reasons why compliance is both a relevant and necessary topic in the Crypto space and the need for entrepreneurs in this space to comply with applicable regulations within their the Crypto space.


  1. PANEL: On boarding the Next Wave of Crypto Users. How Traditional Finance Is Making Crypto Go Mainstream – Wednesday, August 10

This panel discussed the issues relating to the issues of how the traditional financial markets will transcend into using crypto technology.


Kyle Fry, CEO, DIGTL

Dean Skurka, Head of Exchanges, WonderFi

Tracy Molino, Counsel, Dentons Canada LLP

Fred Pye, Founder & CEO, 3iQ

Moderator: Sam Bourgi, Business Editor, Cointelegraph

  1. Digital Privacy and Cybersecurity Infrastructure for Web3, Wednesday, August 10

Patrick Dunlop, Co-Founder & CEO, Jackal Labs discussed security and privacy issues in the internet and crypto currency and the need for increased security and privacy protocols to meet the need:  “The current state of the internet and what can be done to increase the digital privacy and cybersecurity posture of web3, so we don’t repeat the same mistakes. The future of data storage is scalable, secure, private, and self-custodial.”

Patrick Dunlop
Patrick Dunlop

Evening Events @ Blockchain Futurist Conference

The Opening Night Party was held on the eve of the conference and was an opportunity for attendees to network. The Official Closing party was held at Cabana pool at Rebel and was sponsored by Plouton Mining – it was a great event with a great view.  Also at the conference there was also numerous other private events for networking in the Blockchain space.

Blockchain Futurist Conference 2022 was an informative and fascinating conference for this disruptive technology – check back here for next year’s conference.

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