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The Power Ball: What Went Down in the 21 Club

Sleeping Giants by Max Streicher © 2019 TorontoArtsandEvents

The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery brought the extravagance, flash, and flamboyance to their twenty-first annual fundraising gala, The Power Ball, on Thursday, June 6th, 2019. This year, the Power Plant was transformed into The 21 Club, an underground 1920s speakeasy where funky music from a seven piece ragtime band rang through the entire space, and FIOL Prosecco flowed acrobats swinging from the twenty-foot wide ornate chandelier.

A bright white neon runway led guests to the outdoor reception area as well as provided many with ample opportunities for photo-ops and Instagram stories. Food from Ricarda’s, Arthur’s, and Krispy Kreme, and beverages from Ace Hill, Pommies, Château Des Charmes, and Spirit of York kept the hundreds of guests sated and full throughout the night. The chocolate fountains, while was a very delightful touch, were extremely messy because there were chocolate splatters all over the table and floor and no place to dispose of the used skewers.

There was also plenty of entertainment at the 21 Club. A kinetic sculpture of two gigantic balloon structures called, Sleeping Giants, occupied a large space in the outdoor reception area. Inside the gallery, the hundreds of guests that were in attendance were crammed into different rooms, making it a bit difficult to fully appreciate the art without bumping into and spilling the specialty cocktails on one another. Toronto-based artist Bruno Billio presented his super cool Tron209 room that transported guests into a trippy black light and tape world. Mexican-born artist Chelsea Culprit’s installation, Tru Bruja, consisted of a witch’s broom made out of achingly bright green neon lights.

In the room next door was the beautiful cabaret show, Sugar in My Bowl. This show was curated by Tobaron Waxman, artistic director of the Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency. The show featured burlesque performers Dainty Smith and Imogen Quest of Les Femmes Fatales Burlesque, and Toronto-based drag performers Flarington King, Gay Jesus, Carlotta Carlisle, and Tynomi Banks (who vogued the house down with her set!). This show harkened back to the days 1920s drag culture where people in the LGBTQ communities performed in speakeasies around the world. Other installations included the Bunz Activation Room where guests got to write down their intentions on how to lead a more sustainable life on seed paper, and Sweet Digs by Bumble Bizz, a fun pink-blue-yellow maze full of balloons and gumballs.

The gorgeous burlesque performer Dainty Smith © 2019 TorontoArtsandEvents

© 2019 Article by Aleka Allen, Photos and layout TorontoArtsandEvents.

The Power Ball: 21 Club was one of the loudest, flashiest, and over-the-top parties ever attended by Toronto Arts and Events! Check out the pictures to get a fuller sense of this grand event.

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