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The Interior Design Show: Future in Focus

On January 16th, 2020, the Interior Design Show (IDS20) kicked off their annual four-day design exposition. As one of the most successful recurring design events in Canadian history (twenty-two years and counting), the Interior Design Show became the place to see innovative products, meet up-and-coming and established design talent, and check out panels and seminars led by leading design experts in North America and beyond. The theme for IDS20 was Future in Focus, where designers explored and created different experiences that provide new solutions to technological and social problems while imagining new roads to alternative realities. What better way to celebrate this year’s new show than with a lavish opening night party!

Upon arriving at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, members of the media and VIPs were ushered into the Media & VIP lounge, which was furnished by Rochebobois Paris. The open bar served a selection of Kim Crawford wines and three kinds of salads from Mad Radish, a health-oriented lunch and salad chain. The lounge also offered a bird’s eye view over the entire show, which had over three hundred design installations, collections, booths, exhibitions, and thirty food and drink stations. The lounge was situated one level above the showroom floor and offered a panoramic view of all 300+ stations, exhibitions, and collections, and services.

Bird’s eye view of the showroom floor. Image by Ryan Emberley.

True to this year’s theme, the first installation attendees saw upon entry was Dreamland, a multi-sensory ethereal feature installation created by Jonathan Adler, and in partnership with Caesarstone. Attendees entered the fantastical environment that showcased quartz in a variety of colours, textures, and designs. There were cloud-shaped quartz coffee tables, white vases with faces and ostrich feathers, and neoclassical columns inspired by Caesarstone’s headquarters in Caesaria, Israel. The comfortable cloud-shaped sofas added to this frothy, Instagrammable, and stylish design.

Among the key exhibits at the IDS20 was Edible Futures: Food for Tomorrow. Curated by the Dutch Institute of Food & Design, and presented by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, this travelling design installation encouraged visitors to take a look at the precarious future of food, its impact on the world, and how individuals can help shape consumption and sustainability.

Edible Futures. Image by IDS

The Healing Habitat was another key exhibit that drew in many curious attendees who wanted to escape from the hustle of the show floor. This lush, immersive indoor garden environment was created by Sheridan Nurseries and Casestudy Studio and featured 15-minute group meditations led by Hoame and seating areas furnished by Oliver Apt. The Healing Habitat provided a refreshing and serene oasis right in the thick of raucous party.

Loop also set up an exhibit that showcased their soundproof phone booths designed to meet a very important yet unmet need in the ever-changing open-space work environments (i.e. co-working and shared office spaces). As these new types of work environments move towards openness, it’s becoming even more challenging to find the appropriate space to take a confidential phone call, or even take a minute to quietly collect one’s thoughts, without being disruptive. The Loop Phone Booths on display at the IDS20 provided an innovative and practical solution to this issue.

Loop Phone Booths. Image by IDS

The musical entertainment was provided by Bellosound with special guest Dance/Electronica DJ, Moon Boots and they were absolutely fantastic. During his set, Moon Boots was joined by the NY-based vocalist, Nic Hanson, who put the ‘show’ in showman with his alluring vocals and charismatic stage presence. He performed a couple of songs, one of which was called “Clear” that was produced by Moon Boots.

There were also a large number of well-known restaurants, bars, and cafés that had set up stations at the opening night party. The trendy cocktail bar, Supernova Ballroom, served three different craft cocktails that were fun, fizzy, and full of flavour. Attendees also enjoyed macarons and matcha beverages from Matcha byMinistry,  a soon-to-be-launched green tea speakeasy.

There was so much more to see and experience at the IDS20 that it was rather difficult to see the entire show floor in one night. Thankfully, the pictures below captured more aspects of the opening night. To learn more about the Interior Design Show, please visit their website at

© 2020 Article by Aleka Allen Photos by IDS and Ryan Emberley and layout by TorontoArtsandEvents

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