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Nigel Scott, “Conversations in Blue,” at Corkin Gallery

Nigel Scott | Conversations in Blue
November 15 – January 20, 2024 at Corkin Gallery

Top fashion photographer Nigel Scott brings his unique artistic talents to paintings in his latest exhibition at the Corkin Gallery. Don Allen, founder of Revolver Films, plus Susan of the Siren Group, and many others enjoyed the opening party of “Conversations in Blue” at the Corkin Gallery in the historic Distillery District.

“Conversations in Blue” continues Nigel’s love affair with the colour blue that started with making photographic blueprints or cyanotypes. Later, surfing and ocean life brought him even closer. After painting a large wall in blue and dark blue for one of his shows, he started using blue directly on some photographs. This led to expanding my painting onto large photographs and then canvases. The writing on the canvases was a way of opening a dialogue into these pieces and the oceans fragility. The horizon is infinite and a reminder of being a connector to us all a sort of unification, the unification of blues.
Nigel Scott delves into discussions encompassing history, personal narratives, and nature within his series, “Conversations in Blue” and “Conversations with Blue.” These bodies of work are comprised of collections of paintings and cyanotypes, which utilize an almost obsolete photographic process. They stem from a desire to connect his mother’s affinity for flowers with Ikebana, as well as his encounters with the delicate, harmonious, and ever-changing oceans of Jamaica and Japan.
“Conversations in Blue” seek to replicate a serene and contemplative process of recollection and gratitude for one’s origins and inspirations. The cyanotypes and paintings serve as mere remnants, akin to lyrical “shadow pictures” of an immeasurable and incalculable past. In 2012, “Conversations with Blue,” including the original cyanotypes and an accompanying book, gained international exposure through exhibitions at NAKANOSHIMA BANKS Design Museum in Osaka, Japan, Kyoto, as well as the renowned Colette Gallery in Paris, France.

Artist Bio:
Since 2022, Scott has extended this series to incorporate atmospheric paintings that delve deeper into the artist’s fascination with the color blue. These paintings examine the juncture where the ocean meets the sky on the horizon, resulting in expansive swathes of blue that portray
the tranquil yet perpetually shifting relationship between water and sky.
Since the early 1980s, Nigel Scott, a multimedia artist born in Jamaica, has garnered acclaim in the cities where he has resided and worked, including Paris, Tokyo, Toronto, and New York. His exceptional commercial success includes fashion editorial work for publications like Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Glamour, Max, and Cosmopolitan in Paris. His jewelry design has also been featured in American Vogue.


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