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Interior Design Show Toronto 2022

Interior Design Show Toronto 2022 will be held in person from April 7 to April 10, 2022 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.   It consists of four days of interior design training, the IDS Social! on Thursday, April 7, 4:30pm – 6pm (included with the trade days badge), as well as many show features and exhibits.  This is your opportunity to meet the designers and personalities who are shaping the future of interior design. You can conveniently see over 150 products and immersive exhibits and installations all at the MTCC.

The Main Features of IDS 2022 [from IDS Press Release]

Neo Colosseo.

An immersive installation designed by Alessandro Munge

Presented by Caesarstone.

With an innovative point of view earning him Interior Design’s Leader in Hospitality, Contract Magazine’s Designer of the Year Award, and prestigious Ryerson Alumni Achievement Award, Alessandro approaches every project as a whole with a deep understanding of practicalities, artistic expression, and human connectivity.

Neon Garden.

Collaboration between Coolab and Rollout

Meet up with your friends, take a business meeting or simply relax and grab some refreshments at the “Neon Garden” by Coolab for Rollout. This space will inspire you to connect, collaborate, reflect, and refresh.

The Neon Garden features a new collection of wall coverings that fuses organic beauty with technology. Designed by Coolab’s principal and founder, Clayton Budd, the collection incorporates softness and nature contrasted with techno-glitch and imperfections, resulting in a look of sophistication and artistic reverence.

NUMI _ New Future: New Me

Designed by SDI

“Over the last couple of years, each of us has had to adapt to constant and fast change. Stability is rare. We are different people from who we were in 2020. It has been a period of metamorphosis and reflection – do we even recognize ourselves anymore? ” – SDI Principal Joanne Chan

As we come together again face to face after a long absence, we are renewed with a new sense of self. We deserve this time to celebrate. NuMi acknowledges the constant movements of time and change and displays resilience through reflection, hope and humour.


New at IDS Toronto this year, you can explore Atelier Vaste’s unique furniture pieces inspired by Canada’s land and its resources. Designed and manufactured in Montreal, the collection considers the nordicity of our environment to offer elegant, adapted and timeless pieces.

IDS 2022 is going to be an amazing event showcasing the best of interior design.  Check back here for Torontoartsandevent’s review following the event!!

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