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The Twelfth Annual Artist Project

On Thursday, February 21, 2019 Toronto Arts and Events had the pleasure of attending the opening night party for Twelfth Annual Artist Project, once again held inside the Better Living Centre. As one of Canada’s premier annual arts and culture events, The Artist Project provides a platform for established and emerging artists from across Canada to showcase their work to the thousands of attendees, many of whom are art dealers, gallery owners, and passionate art lovers.

Highlights of the evening included an eye-catching paper installation entitled, Ancestrale II, by Montreal-based paper artist, Pauline Loctin (Miss Cloudy). Large pieces of brightly coloured paper folded in origami perfection popped against a background of randomly placed dark bold shapes. It sprawled across the front entrance, enticing guests to enter into this playful, colourful, and creative world.

Well-known watchmaker brand, SWATCH, sponsored this year’s Artist Competition. This year’s artists created original works based on their interpretation of the theme, “Self Portrait”. The diverse interpretations of each artist’s authentic self through so many mediums was absolutely beautiful to witness! It was amazing to see how each artist expressed their own character through their own set of eyes. After all, who else knows you better you!

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With 300 booths to explore, visitors get to meet the artists directly and learn more about their work. Gordon Shadrach returned to the Artist Project with a new series of gorgeous ‘fashion portraits’. Chinese artist Yuling Chen’s interactive installation, Video: Game// A Separate Memory Demands Retracing, explored hidden aspects of our surroundings, through a live feed camera that captures only the performer’s back, and a live projection of the performer’s facial expressions outside of their vision.

Toronto-based visual artist James Paterson showcased a range of whimsical and interactive ‘Prayer Machines’ that serve as visual metaphors for prayers. These prayer machines invited viewers to reflect on their spirituality and the fearlessness of trusting in a higher power, especially in moments of uncertainty and chaos. Vicki Carruthers’ acrylic paintings of the Canadian landscape were energizing and reminiscent of The Group of Seven and Norval Morrisseau.

Other highlights of the opening night party included music from DJ Sandy Duperval, the live painting of the 50 ft mural, Reaching, by Cam Champ, and the MARTKD x Artist Project, an interactive showcase where gifted young artists create custom designs on sneakers to celebrate the intersection between art and sneaker culture.

About The Artist Project                                                                                                    

The Artist Project is Canada’s most celebrated contemporary art fair that features the artwork of established and up-and-coming artists from all over Canada and abroad. The artwork featured includes digital art, sculpture, photography, print making, and installation art. To learn more about The Artist Project, please visit their website at

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Toronto artist Gordon Shadrach © 2019 Torontoartsandevents
MARTKD x Artist Project © 2019 Torontoartsandevents
Participant in Yuling Chen’s installation, Video: Game// A Separate Memory Demands Retracing. © 2019 Torontoartsandevents
DJ Sandy Duperval and Toronto artist Cam Champ © 2019 Torontoartsandevents
Toronto artist James Patterson in front of his Prayer Machines. © 2019 Torontoartsandevents

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